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Erica is now offering personal training services at Bodies-n-Balance in Martell. Stop in to check out the location! Sessions are by appointment only. Check out the website for pricing details 

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Your free consultation & assessment is a benefit for both of us. It helps me custom design workouts just for you and allows you to see if my services will fit your needs. Have questions? Get answers, so we can meet and exceed your fitness goals.

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The answer to this question is a great controversy between thousands of companies that sell these "detoxes", the people who believe they work and the people who do not. 

I believe that some detox diets can help you jumpstart a new lifestyle of healthy and clean eating (in whole food form not in a box) But how many people actually detox then completely change their lifestyle and eating habits? Very few. I also believe most that are offered are full of a bunch of crap that will just make you spend more time in the bathroom. Making you think your body is cleansing itself when in reality there are absolutely no studies that show a diet can cleanse or detoxify the body. Guess what you just paid hundreds of dollars to have massive bowel movements for a few weeks. 

Training your body for real life situations is what functional fitness is all about. It's making sure you don't put your back out the next time you take groceries out of the trunk or pull your toddler out of his car seat. It's all about balance and control. Your muscles must balance each other and work together for you to have control over your movements. Function follows form, meaning if it all functions together properly the correct form will automatically follow.